Oh My Zsh

PUBLISHED ON 13/12/2017 — EDITED ON 11/12/2023 — SYSOPS

I am using ZSH, probably for the last 15 years, all the time heavily customized Phil!’s ZSH prompt. After so many years of hand tuning the .zshrc I jumped the oh-my-zsh bandwagon. I set it up on Debian server briefly with modified jonathan theme, so it looks like my original prompt.

My desires to extend oh-my-zsh to macOS on laptop failed miserably again. Any theme I use, it lags. Prompt drawing is slow, tried iTerm2 and Terminal, all the tricks from the internet, allways the same. So I reverted back to custom .zshrc again, the speed difference is astonishing. I have added simple check to see if we are in a git repository folder, mind the star at the right. I also cleaned up the config file, seperated Darwin and Linux stuff, so I can use the same on both macOS and Linux, debugged a few things and it flies :D

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