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PUBLISHED ON 18/08/2020 — EDITED ON 25/08/2021 — SYSOPS


I am using my own e-mail server for a few years now, but I almost never use search in my mailbox, so I did not really noticed how slow it was. All because the heavy lifting is left to the client to do.

Enter the FTS aka full-text search, a wonderful solution that forces server to do the dirty part, so your phone has more juice for browsing reddit.

Picking the solution

My server is based on Dovecot, so first we need to find out what does it support and how can we make it work.


  • Apache Solr, Java and complicated, pass.
  • Lucene, it’s using CLucene library, which is very old and has some bugs, pass.
  • Dovecot Pro FTS, non-free, pass.
  • Squat, Dovecot’s own search index. Obsolete in v2.1+, pass.
  • fts-xapian, has shorter Github, so I picked this one versus Elastic based two. C++ is a plus, even two of them.


The official installation notes are pretty self explanatory and can be found here

$ apt-get build-dep dovecot-core
$ apt-get install dovecot-dev libxapian30

Build it yourself

$ git clone
$ cd fts-xapian
$ autoreconf -vi
$ ./configure --with-dovecot=/usr/lib/dovecot
$ make
$ sudo make install

Debian 11

The good people of Debian have packaged it all up, so this is all you need:

apt-get install dovecot-fts-xapian


Add this to the plugin section of your /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf file:

    ### fts-xapian - full text search (source in /opt/fts-xapian)

	plugin = fts fts_xapian

	fts = xapian
	fts_xapian = partial=2 full=20 attachments=0 verbose=0

	fts_autoindex = yes
	fts_enforced = yes

	fts_autoindex_exclude = \Trash

Restart Dovecot:

systemctl restart dovecot

Re-index all the mailboxes:

$ doveadm index -A -q \*


You should see the speed increase in seaches immediatly.

If you check the logs, you will see that the indexing is going on as you search.


Aug 18 14:29:30 sablun dovecot: indexer-worker(<2395994><dsnRCSaazv5ejFqk:U6AOAKrJe18SmyQAv0xPeQ>: Indexed 0 messages in Archive
Aug 18 14:29:30 sablun dovecot: indexer-worker(<2395994><sZzUCSaay/5ejFqk:GBxIAarJe18SmyQAv0xPeQ>: Indexed 0 messages in INBOX

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