MTB of 2023

PUBLISHED ON 30/12/2023 — EDITED ON 22/01/2024 — SPORT


Bike components

Just for a general feel what you need to replace in so many hours, even if you obsessively pimp your bike:

  • Set of tires
  • Disc rotors
  • Cassette
  • Chainring
  • A few sets of brake pads
  • A few chains
  • New cables and casings for shock, fork and dropper
  • New linkage bearings
  • Full rebuild of fork, shock and dropper post
  • New grips

Goals in 2023 - how it went

A little review of the goals, some were met, others not so much. A bit disappointed, but if I put it in perspective, crashing in August really broke my season. I got sick a few times and travelled for work/privately a few times. All in all looks okayish. Push harder in 2024! :)

  • BHAG 100.000 m of ascent (+18k m) FAIL
  • 5.000 km (+500 km) FAIL
  • A ride over 2.000 m ascent DONE
  • A ride over 8 h FAIL
  • “Home to home” MTB ride FAIL
  • Hope to do more rides with company. DONE

Goals in 2024

Writing down your goals is good, publicly presenting them, even better! Trying again is betterer!

  • BHAG 100.000 m of ascent
  • A ride over 8 h
  • “Home to home” MTB ride
  • 10 days x 1000m of ascent
  • Duos and Group rides
  • A ride over 3.000 m ascent

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